Literary and Fine Arts Festival

Pam BoydPam Boyd

Pam Boyd began writing comedy sketches in high school and never got over her love of funny dialog.
In her twenties, she started The Mirror Street Theatre Company in Norman, Oklahoma and wrote over fifty short plays for radio, television, and live performances in the Southwest.
Pam has always been an avid writer of poetry and journal entries, so it wasn’t a surprise that her first published book, The Essential Handbook for First-Time Managers and Supervisors contained real-life, chaotic stories with tons of “poetic management justice.”
Since that time, Pam has written three screenplays and two self-help books, The Miracle I Almost Missed, and The Two-Minute Tune-Up. She will read from The Miracle I Almost Missed about dating relationships and excerpts from her comedy script, Club Suicide.
Pam’s daily blog, The Two-Minute Tune-Up, can be found at

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