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Online Advising

Those students who are unable to visit the college to complete their enrollment into online courses are encouraged to contact Dallas Colleges Online (DCO). The DCO is equipped with being able to assist those students who will need advising provided that is not done in person. All classes are 100% online.

Please note the following criteria and reminders:

  • • Assistance can only be provided for online classes.
  • • Students must have met all admission requirements and be admitted.
  • • All necessary testing must be completed.
  • • Student must be prepared to cover balance at time of enrollment.
  • • Accurate contact information must be provided.
  • Eastfield Probation students must see an Eastfield Advisor on campus.

Eastfield Online Advisors:
Larry Bonner            lbonner@dcccd.edu
Kimberle Hicks         khicks@dcccd.edu

Contact Dallas Colleges Online:
Phone: 972-669-6400
Email: dcoadvising@dcccd.edu
Website: www.online.dcccd.edu/