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Digital Media

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Program Advisor
David Danforth
Email - ddanforth@dcccd.edu
Phone - (972) 860-7069
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Do you have a creative eye for design? Enjoy photography and the arts? Like to shoot video and dabble in Web design and animation? Careers in commercial design and multimedia publishing are booming, but they’ve changed tremendously in the past few years. Do you have the skills to succeed in today’s job market?

Sharpen your computer and design skills in the fast-paced, creative world of digital media, graphic design and digital video / still photography. Digital Media Technology prepares you for a career in digital arts with a strong background in the latest software, hardware and business skills. We also get input from industry employers to make sure you’ll have the training they want, right now.

Even if you’re not creative, you can get a great job in digital media. Many jobs involve digital pre-press, and ePublication, which require digital media computer skills and a good eye for detail.