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Getting Started: English as a Second Language – Foundations Tier Level 1

This 30 hour low-beginning level course offers students the basic vocabulary and language they need to communicate in essential life-skill and workplace situations. The course builds language and vocabulary foundations through interactive exercises, guided conversations and activities that develop a student’s basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Simple grammatical structures and writing skills are introduced to prepare and gateway the student into the higher-level Course:  English as a Second Language – Foundations Tier Level 2

Course Competencies: 

The Foundations Tier Level 1 course teaches essential listening, reading, and writing skills – as well as speaking and computational skills- required by the workplace environment. Emphasis will be on pronunciation and comprehension of basic work-related vocabulary; fundamental sentence structures related to the following: giving and asking for important information; expressing needs, preferences, and emotional states; dealing with numbers, unit of measurement, and basic computation; describing people and things through the use of common adjective; conjugating in the simple present and past tenses.

  1. Basic grammar will be the main focus; this course will cover present and past tenses, articles, and plurals. The student will be able to understand phrases and basic structures.
    1. Giving and asking for important information.
    2. Expressing needs, preferences, and emotional states.
    3. Dealing with numbers, units of measurement, and basic computation.
    4. Describing people and things through the use of common adjectives.
    5. Conjugating in the simple present and past tenses.
    6. Acting politely and showing gratitude.
  2. By means of exercises performed throughout the course, students will learn to remember new words, phrases, and numbers in English more effectively.
  3. Basic skill activities and the visual associations will develop the student’s basic vocabulary relevant to their workplace environment.
  4. Through picture definitions and the use of pantomime, students will hone their acuity for visual learning, and build up a vocabulary of objects and concepts through visual associations.