Auto Body Schedule

Auto Body Repair and Repainting

Auto Body Paint Repair - $245.00

Lab-oriented, hands-on instruction in the basics of Auto Body metal working and painting techniques. Surface preparation, priming, and blocking techniques will be covered. Students will demonstrate proper safety techniques and perform metal working techniques, and perform proper priming and painting successfully. Participants must supply their own project and expendable supplies. Additional cost for personal hand supplies is approximately $40. cost for project supplies will vary. Students will supply any specialized tools needed for their particular vehicles. Basic tools and large shop equipment are provided by Eastfield. The student will comply with personal and environmental safety practices associated with clothing, eye protection (STUDENTS MUST BRING SAFETY GLASSES TO FIRST CLASS MEETING), and use of chemicals, hand tools, and power equipment. Each car brought in for repair requires a $10 shop work order ($100 workorder if any welding is to be completed.) Students MUST pay for all supplies for individual projects..
8:00 AM-2:00 PM
01/24/15 - 05/02/15
Note: Each project will require a $10 workorder. Students must purchase all supplies.

Non-Structural Metal Repair

ABDR 1555: Non Structural Met - $295.00

5:35 PM-9:35 PM
01/20/15 - 05/14/15
Note: Concurrent with ABDR 1555.43501

Sheet Metal Fabrication I

ABDR 2570: Custom Metal I - $295.00

Concurrent with ABDR 2570. Demonstrate safety procedures; and select and use sheet metal tools and equipment to shape project. A study of the basic shaping techniques required for fabricating sheet metal parts and pieces that can be applied in the building of custom cars and street rods.
1:00 PM-5:05 PM
01/21/15 - 05/13/15
Note: Concurrent with ABDR 2570 43201

Special Topics in Auto/Automotive Body Repairer

ABDR 2572: Chassis Design - $295.00

Concurrent with ABDR 2572. Topics are current skills and knowledge pertinent to the technology and professional development of the student of customized auto body construction and repair. A study of the development of chassis components including frames, front and rear suspensions, fuel and braking systems, engine and transmission mounting methods and cooling requirements.
8:00 AM-12:40 PM
01/21/15 - 05/13/15
Note: Concurrent with ABDR 2572 43001

Sheet Metal Fabrication II

ABDR 2571: Custom Metal II - $295.00

Concurrent with ABDR 2571. Skill development in sheet metal fabrication using multiple procedures and techniques. A study of the construction methods required in custom car and street rod building.
5:10 PM-9:35 PM
01/21/15 - 05/13/15
Note: Concurrent with ABDR 2571 43501