Spring 2013 Convocation Week
January 14 - 18

Last updated: January 17, 2013 3:36 PM

Day Time Topic Presenter Room
Monday 9:00 Convocation Various Performance Hall
Monday 1:00 Division Meetings Deans Various
Tuesday 10:00 Faculty Association Meeting John Wadhams G101-G102
Tuesday 10:00 Administrator Association Meeting Lindle Grigsby G203
Tuesday 1:00 House Plant Care and Maintenance James Martin G204
Tuesday 1:00 Your Retirement Plan at Work William Gallegos G128
Tuesday 1:00 EFC's Professional Development Program Marvin Arts C 297
Tuesday 1:00 Issues in Cross Cultural Communication Rachel Wolfe G101-G102
Tuesday 1:00 Writer's Help tool demonstration Kimberli Brownlee L 108 D
Tuesday 2:00 Maximizing your Insurance Benefits  Dawne McKinley G128
Tuesday 2:00 Maximizing Existing Technology  Emilio Ramos G101-G102
Tuesday 3:00 Digital Streaming in the Classroom Sandra Hunter G101-G102
Wednesday 9:00 Using your iPad in the classroom David Danforth G101-G102
Wednesday 9:00 Financial Planning Adam Prewett G203
Wednesday 10:00 CERT Training Tim Ellington G101-G102
Wednesday 10:00 Eastfield's Honors Program Marti Weaver G203
Wednesday 11:00 PeopleAdmin Supervisor Training Sharon McKinney G203
Wednesday 11:00 African American Latino Male Initiative Meeting Courtney Brazile   A318
Wednesday 11:00 Pitch Perfect Professor:  Voice Care for Instructors Melinda Imthurn G204
Wednesday 1:00 Search Committee Training Sharon McKinney G128
Wednesday 1:00 News from Business Services - Division Financial Matters Dee Crawford G204
Wednesday 1:00 EFC History Jerry Henson G101-G102
Wednesday 2:00 New Colleague Portal Update District IT Staff G101-G102
Wednesday 2:00 Retirement Planning 101 Jeffery Kesting C297
Wednesday 2:00 Scanning Electron Microscopy and interdisciplinary collaboration Murray Gans G203
Wednesday 2:00 RAIN Campus Police S100/101
Wednesday 3:00 EOP Campus Police S100/101
Thursday 9:00 Outcomes Management Richard Plott G101-G102
Thursday 9:00 Improve your on-line course using the QM Rubric Jane Penney  L 108 D
Thursday 9:00 RAIN Campus Police S100/101
Thursday 10:00 Decision Support Tools Richard Plott G101-G102
Thursday 10:00 EOP Campus Police S100/101
Thursday 10:00 Computerized Modular Mathematics Alla Kelman G203
Thursday 11:00 Classroom Technology David Danforth G101-G102
Thursday 1:00 Advanced Cooperative Learning - Part One Shazia Ali G203
Thursday 1:00 Texas Completes Update Gretchen Riehl G101-G102
Thursday 2:00 Advanced Cooperative Learning - Part Two Shazia Ali G203
Thursday 5:30 Faculty Dinner Michael Gutierrez G building lobby 
Thursday 6:30 Faculty Meeting Michael Gutierrez Performance Hall
Thursday 7:15 Division Discipline Meetings TBD Rooms identified at all faculty meeting
Friday 10:30 Spring Tour Don Baynham TBD