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Office of Organizational and Staff Development

Professional Development Funding Request Procedure

To support the Center for Innovation & Creativity (CIC) professional development program at Eastfield College, funds are available to faculty, staff and administrators for conference attendance, workshops, training, research and other related activities. Professional development funding is one of three funding sources available to EFC employees.  Other funding sources are the Employee Development Fund (EDF) and the Professional Enhancement Program Fund (PEP). (Formerly Renewal Funds) 

To facilitate the allocation of professional development funds, professional funding guidelines have been developed. Professional development funds may be used for travel, registration fees, hotel, training, guest speakers, consultants and trainers.

  • All requests must be submitted via the CIC Funding Request Form. This form is available via Email, on line at the CIC Professional Development web page, or in hard copy from the Professional Development Office.
  • The CIC funding request form must contain the appropriate signatures, including approval by one's direct supervisor, and the appropriate VP. Also a completed Professional Leave and Travel Request (PLT) form should be attached.  
  • All professional development activities for which funds are requested must take place within the current fiscal year in order to receive funding.
  •  Requests for funding must be made and approved at least three weeks prior to participation in the activity. Request forms with the required signatures are to be submitted to the Professional Development Office (C100-G).  
  • At the end of the professional development activity, the participant must complete the CIC Funding Justification Form, which is designed to assess the experience. Please note that this completed form must be returned to the Professional Development Office within 30 days after the event.
  • No further travel funds can be requested once travel funds are exhausted for the year.


Professional Development Funding Request Checklist

Please use this form to help you as an aid in preparing your funding request for Professional Development. Please turn in all necessary paperwork three weeks prior to your actual funding request date.

  1. CIC Professional Development Funding Request Form (Prior to Event)
    1. This form is designed to give general information about the funds needed to be transferred from the Professional Development Fund (PDF) and requires signatures. 
  2. Professional Leave and Travel Request Form (Prior to Event) (Pick up in Business Office)
    1. This is a DCCCD form requesting your estimated and actual expenses for the event and requires approval signatures. It requires supporting documentation (i.e. hotel, airline cost, mileage, itinerary estimate)
  3. Professional Development Assessment Form (After Event)
    1. This form is designed to assess the Professional Development experience.
    2. Upon completion of the Professional Development activity, this form must be completed and returned to the Professional Development Office within 30 days in order to receive funds

The forms are available on the EFC intranet and in the Professional Development Office C100-G.
Approval for funding is required prior to participation in the Professional Development activity.
Once all steps have been completed, the Professional Development Assoc. Dean will release Professional Development Funds to your division.