Drafting Schedule

Basic Computer-Aided Drafting

DFTG 1409: Basic CADD - $208.00

Use basic drafting skills to draw and dimension two-dimensional drawings, to save drawing, and exit AutoCAD. Commands from the BLOCKS, DIMENSIONING, DISPLAY, DRAW, EDIT, INQUIRY, LAYER, PLOT, SETTINGS, UCS, and UTILITY Menus are included. The participant will be able to make the required drawing settings; retrieve drawings to and from disks; make 2-D drawings to scale using AutoCAD DRAW and EDIT commands; add hatching and dimensions to full scale drawings; draw isometric exploded views to scale from 2-D drawings.
7:05 PM-8:30 PM
07/09/13 - 08/08/13
Note: Concurrent with SU13 DFTG 1409 46501