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Medical Billing & Coding Certificate

The Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Program provides office and administrative staff with intermediate and advanced medical office procedures.

Medical Coding and Billing office personnel require specialized healthcare training in CPT Coding, Reimbursement, Medical Billing, Anatomy & Physiology, ICD-9 Coding, and Encoder Pro. Eastfield College offers staff development topics that are efficient, effective, and economical.

(Prerequisite – Medical Terminology 1)

Required Coursework 344 Hour Certificate

Anatomy & Physiology I 48
CPT Coding 32
Medical Billing 32
Medical Terminology II 32
ICD-9 Coding 32
Medical Spanish 32
Computers in Health Care 32
Medical Insurance 32
Medical Law & Ethics 32
Career Development 20
Cultural Diversity in Today’s Workplace 20

For more information contact Schneil Dunn at 972-860-7077.

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