Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing

INMT 1343: CAD/CAM - $156.00

Concurrent with INMT 1343. Computer-assisted applications in integrating engineering graphics and manufacturing. Emphasis on the conversion of a working drawing using computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software and related input and output devices to translate into machine code. Review the history and application of CAD/CAM systems; illustrate the equipment and systems of CAD/CAM components; demonstrate competency of CAD/CAM software and related input and output devices; and interface CAD/CAM to machines. Prerequisite DFTG 1409 or equivalent skills and knowledge.
6:00 PM-7:25 PM
06/05/13 - 08/07/13
Note: Concurrent SU13 INMT 1343 45501