The Common Book Project

Suggest a book for consideration.

The Common Book will be a trade book, not a textbook, and will meet the following criteria:

  • Adult, not young adult or juvenile
  • Rich in theme and ideas
  • Widely appealing to students in both academic transfer and tech/occ programs
  • Reasonable in length
  • Available in trade paperback

Other considerations:

  • Possible partnerships with community resources, especially the Writer’s Garret. The Writer’s Garret brings nationally known writers for events every year. They are willing to work with Eastfield to allow one of their speakers (whose fee would be prohibitive for Eastfield’s budget) to speak here either for free or for a much reduced fee. Having the author of the chosen book would, of course, be a major plus for the college.
  • Appropriateness for the entire college community, including our dual credit students
  • Availability of an electronic version

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Why should we use this book?

What courses might be involved in using this book?

How can this book be used in classroom and in the community?

Deadline for submission is November 21, 2012