Eastfield 2011 Retirees

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  • Ethel Beyer
  • Steve Marsden
  • Bill Sorrells
Ethel Beyer and Steve MarsdenBill Sorrells

Ethel Beyer

Ethel BeyerEthel Beyer began working part time in the CT Division Office in May 2005. She quickly learned “The Ropes” such as Colleague, Contracts, HR set-ups, Time Sheets, Leave Forms and a thousand other things that make the Division run smoothly. She was an ideal choice to become the Division Office Secretary, when the position became open, as a result of a retirement at the end of August 2005. Now it is Ethel’s turn to retire. She and her husband John will be leaving Texas for Missouri, a place “where there are actual seasons”.  Ethel’s wit and charm will truly be missed.


Steve Marsden

Steve MarsdenSteve started work as an HVAC Tech II at Eastfield College in 2006, and his skills and background quickly led him to land a Facilities Specialist position at the Pleasant Grove Campus where he was responsible for maintaining the entire building.  Steve graduated from the University of Texas in Dallas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration in May 1989.   He served seven years in the Air Force as an automation flight control systems specialist; 11 years in the Texas Air National Guard supervising maintenance personnel on air craft modifications; and 12 years with the Department of Defense in Ft. Worth as an Electronics System Manager. He loves motorcycles and prides himself on having the biggest, baddest and fastest on the scene. He loves his role as a granddad and has a five-year old granddaughter named Sophie and another one on the way.

Bill Sorrells

Bill SorrellsBill has had a long career in the Industry as a CAD designer and machinist. Along the way, Bill earned his AAAS Degree in CAD. He was encouraged by Program Director, Mike Kirkpatrick, to become an Adjunct Instructor in the program beginning in 1985. Bill became a full time Instructor and assumed the role of Program Director. Bill was the leader of the effort to launch the CAD/CAM/CNC Certificate Program.