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Learning Communities

Engage, Discover, and COMPLETE in Learning Communities!


Complete On-time via self-Motivation, Persistence, Leadership, Engagement, Transformation, and Excellence


What is a Learning Community?

At Eastfield College a learning community is a group of students who take 2 or more classes together, work closely with professors and classmates, and successfully complete their first year.


Who should enroll in a Learning Community?
  • First year students
  • Continuing students
  • Transfer students


Why should I enroll in a Learning Community?

  • To make connections across the Learning Community cluster courses
  • To feel more confident about being a college student
  • To engage in campus events and study groups with your classmates
  • To discover career opportunities by participating in guest speaker presentations, hands-on field trips, and other co-curricular activities

The learning communities program eases the communication between students”

“We supported and helped each other”               Learning Communities Students

How does a Learning Community work?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…Complete!

  • Second, check out the Learning Community cluster descriptions, and be prepared to take the Learning Community classes together
  • Third, select and register for two or more linked classes in the Learning Community cluster that most interests you


For more information, contact the Office of Student Engagement & Retention (OSER) at 4OSER@dcccd.edu.