Spring 2001 marked the first year for Rising Star graduates.  During that year, Eastfield College had 4 Rising Star graduates.  In May 2002, that number rose to 25.  In May 2003, there were a total of 55 degree/certificate requirement completers, but only 18 students elected to participate in commencement on May 8, 2003.  A number of students don't feel that it's important to obtain an Associate's Degree, which may have a direct reflection on the number of people graduating; but this mind set is slowly changing as students realize job opportunities are more prevalent with education beyond high school and transfer opportunities to universities are greater with a two year degree in hand.  Our goal is to graduate as many Rising Star students as possible. 

2005 Rising Star Graduates

The 2009 Rising Star Graduates

2009 Graduates

  • Ashleigh Buchanan
  • Coral Cortez
  • Jacob Davis
  • Brenda Hernandez
  • Ruben Jimenez
  • Lucia Ornelas
  • Jacqueline Palma
  • Karina Rodriguez
  • Marisol Rodriguez
  • Gabriela Soto
  • Arlene Vargas
  • Shatara Watson




2005 Rising Star Graduates

The 2005 Rising Star Graduates

20004 Rising Star Graduates

The 2004 Rising Star Graduates