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Doug Richardson

Doug Richardson

Coordinator for Management and Business Programs


Graduating with a BBA in Management in 1967 I worked as an Engineer for General Dynamics 2 years, then General Motors for 5 years. As my life changed and my family grew I knew education was the answer for most of life's challenges and I wanted to be a part of that continued growth. I chose education as my calling and passion.

In 1972 I attained an MBA in Industrial Management. I taught adjunct at TCC, which motivated me to begin as a permanent full time faculty member at Eastfield in 1973.

A lot has changed with the Management and Business program since the 70's. Perhaps the biggest change being the computer, online courses and use of technology as teaching tools! Through the years I have enjoyed the challenge of changing to keep the program current. I am proud that our degrees can be completed both online and in class. This has allowed more students the flexibility to continue to further their education in these fields.

Education's contribution to lifelong learning as a necessity has inspired me to continue this journey throughout my life and I hope to inspire you to do the same. There is a need for continuous updating of skills and knowledge, and it is essential that we all grow and develop in all ways, in order to enrich us and the ones around us. It is also essential for your career and your continuous personal fulfillment. The certificates and degrees that are offered in management and business can all contribute to this end.

I have 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren (ranging from ages 4 years to 18 years). My wife retired several years ago as a faculty member at Tarrant County College, we now live in East Texas. Education was not only our calling, but our children's and family's passion as well. All three of our children work in some form of education (ranging from global corporate training, administration and as community college faculty).

Welcome to Eastfield College I hope to inspire you to develop an outlook that will enhance your career and life. Start by selecting an educational path that will help you in your quest.