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Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms (CCAPS-62)

Student Standing: Sophomore       Continuing Education

INSTRUCTIONS: The following statements describe thoughts, feelings, and experiences that people may have. Please indicate how well each statement describes you, during the past two weeks, from "not at all like me" (0) to "extremely like me" (4), by marking the correct number. Read each statement carefully, select only one answer per statement, and please do not skip any questions.
Not at all like me
Extremely like me
1. I get sad or angry when I think of my family
2. I am shy around others
3. There are many things I am afraid of
4. My heart races for no good reason
5. I feel out of control when I eat
6. I enjoy my classes
7. I feel that my family loves me
8. I feel disconnected from myself
9. I don't enjoy being around people as much as I used to
10. I feel isolated and alone
11. My family gets on my nerves
12. I lose touch with reality
13. I think about food more than I would like to
14. I am anxious that I might have a panic attack while in public
15.I feel confident that I can succeed academically
16. I become anxious when I have to speak in front of audiences
17. I have sleep difficulties
18. My thoughts are racing
19. I am satisfied with my body shape
20. I feel worthless
Not at all like me
Extremely like me
21. My family is basically a happy one
22. I am dissatisfied with my weight
23. I feel helpless
24. I use drugs more than I should
25. I eat too much
26. I drink alcohol frequently
27. I have spells of terror or panic
28. I am enthusiastic about life
29. When I drink alcohol I can't remember what happened
30. I feel tense
31. When I start eating I can't stop
32. I have difficulty controlling my temper
33. I am easily frightened or startled
34. I diet frequently
35. I make friends easily
36. I sometimes feel like breaking or smashing things
37. I have unwanted thoughts I can't control
38. There is a history of abuse in my family
39. I experience nightmares or flashbacks
40. I feel sad all the time
Not at all like me
Extremely like me
41. I am concerned that other people do not like me
42. I wish my family got along better
43. I get angry easily
44. I feel uncomfortable around people I don't know
45. I feel irritable
46. I have thoughts of ending my life
47. I feel self conscious around others
48. I purge to control my weight
49. I drink more than I should
50. I enjoy getting drunk
51. I am not able to concentrate as well as usual
52. I am afraid I may lose control and act violently
53. It’s hard to stay motivated for my classes
54. I feel comfortable around other people
55. I like myself
56. I have done something I have regretted because of drinking
57. I frequently get into arguments
58. I find that I cry frequently
59. I am unable to keep up with my schoolwork
60. I have thoughts of hurting others
61. The less I eat, the better I feel about myself
62. I feel that I have no one who understands me

Version: CCAPS-62, 2009 Copyright © 2009. The Regents of the University of Michigan. All Rights Reserved