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ECS Internship

Eastfield Counseling Services is the primary mental health and personal counseling resource for currently enrolled students at Eastfield College. ECS provides counseling and education to students and consultation and training to staff and faculty of the College community in order to facilitate the retention, development, and success of Eastfield College students. As part of its role in higher education, ECS also contributes to the advancement of the mental health field through the training of new professionals. In the provision of these services, we are guided by the values of effectiveness, collaboration, respect for diversity, and by professional ethics and standards.

Eastfield Counseling Services offers internship training for graduate students (Doctoral or Masters Program) in a CACREP or regionally accredited counseling and counseling psychology programs. The internship program is designed to prepare students to function as clinicians by providing counseling opportunities under direct supervision.

Training at ECS is based on the belief that an effective mental health counselor is guided by knowledge of counseling theory, awareness of ethical/legal/professional standards of practice, sensitivity to individual differences within a diverse society, and openness to lifelong learning.

For more information concerning the internship program, download this "How-To-Apply" pdf file.

Fall and Spring positions are available.