College Work-Study Program (FWS)

The FWS Program provides funds that are earned through part-time employment to assist students in financing the costs of their educational expenses.


Eligibility for Federal Work-Study is determined by a student’s financial need (must have a minimum of $2000 unmet need), based on his or her financial aid budget, and FAFSA information. Financial Need is defined as the difference between the total cost of education and the amount of money the student and family can contribute toward these costs, known as the expected family contribution (EFC) and other current financial aid awards.


The Financial Aid Office will try to accommodate students by placing them in the Department they chose. However, there is no guarantee since job placement will mostly be based on job availability.


Blank timesheets are available in the Financial Aid Office. Timesheets must be filled out completely and signed by the student worker and supervisor before they can be processed. Timesheets are then to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office, the Friday preceding the deadline for Human Resources. Unsigned time sheets will be rejected and returned to the student, resulting in a delay in payment.

Falsification of timesheets will result in immediate student termination without grounds for appeal.

Pay Rate/Hours

For the 2011-2012 school year, the pay rate is $7.70 per hour up to a maximum of 18 hours per week.


Student employees must complete a termination form located in the Financial Aid Office if they voluntarily decide to withdraw from the program. If student employees do not perform their duties satisfactorily and are terminated, supervisors are required to notify the Financial Aid Office in writing, along with the “termination of FWS employment” form. If an employee is terminated from their position, they are responsible for writing an appeal letter to the Financial Aid Office before applying for any other position in the same semester. The Director of Financial Aid will evaluate the appeal and contact them in writing regarding probation or suspension of any future Federal Work Study awards. This process must be completed before moving into any new position.

Breaks and Holidays

Students may work during semester breaks with the approval of their supervisor if funding eligibility is available. Students are not permitted to work on holidays that are observed by EFC.

Rehire Procedures

Students who are eligible for rehire must notify the Financial Aid Office and their supervisor of their interest in returning to the program. The supervisor will need to complete a rehire form for the student employee and return it to the Financial Aid Office for approval.  Students are not permitted to continue working unless a new approved form has been authorized.


For general questions or concerns contact the Financial Aid office at 972-587-2599 or email You may also visit us at Building C Room 215.

Steps to Applying for Federal Work Study:

  1. Complete the 2011-2012 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at   
  2. Ensure that all requested documents have been submitted and have met the Standards of Academic Policy (SAP), and no blocks or outstanding balances on file (other than current term).
  3. Review policies and procedures above and complete the Online Application .
  4. Once eligibility is determined you will be notified to come in to the Financial Aid Office for a preliminary interview.  You will also complete the Criminal Background Check request and other HR setup forms.
  5. Once admitted to the program you will be directed to the Department that best suits your educational background and job experience for a final interview.
  6. If hired, the Financial Aid Office will contact you to offer you the position.