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Campus Activities Board

Student Life Office

Founded in Fall 2006 as the Student Programming Board, it became the Campus Activities Board in Fall 2009.  It is made up of volunteer students that create and plan entertaining, social, cultural and educational events. The skills developed through CAB include program development, advertising and skill sets for the workplace.

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student board that provides engaging and entertaining activities for the student body of Eastfield College.  CAB works to enhancer and unify the Eastfield College community by planning social, educational and cultural events that compliment the academic mission of the college.

What are the benefits of being a part of CAB?
CAB members have fun.  Networking with other colleges, develop professional and leadership skills.  Students interact with production companies, agents, sales and catering staffs, learn how to work as a team to achieve a common goal for life skills.

Recent programs hosted by CAB, include the Natalie Stovall concert, a formal Dining Etiquette Banquet, Open Mic Coffee House, the Spring Fling and more.

Information is available in the:
Office of Student Life, C-141, 972-860-7185
Or contact
Student Life Coordinator, Janet Foreman, 972-860-7186,  janetforeman@dcccd.edu

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