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Student Club Forms and Deadlines

Most forms are available in PDF format by clicking on the underlined names. Others are district created forms and are available in the Student Life office.

Agency Fund Account Set Up Justification
Once your club is officially recognized, fill out this form to establish a club account. (New clubs only)

Banner Request
Student Life will provide 2 banners free of charge each semester. Your club will be charged for additional banners. Deadline – 2 weeks in advance

Club Event Checklist
This form is a guideline to plan your event.

Club Membership Roster
Use this form to identify members. A membership roster is required to be on file in the Student Life office.

Club Officer's Roster
Complete this form after you have elected your officers. A copy of this form is kept in Student Life for a record of club contact names and phone numbers. Please update whenever necessary. Deadline – 2 weeks after Petition for Recognition form is approved.

Constitution (MS Word file)
All clubs must have a typed constitution on file in the Student Life office by September 29th.

Electronic Message BoardFill out this form when you would like an electronic message in the pit. Deadline – One week in advance

Fundraising Application (MS Word file)
You cannot hold a fundraiser unless this form has been completed and approved 2 weeks in advance. DeadlineCompleted and signed application due 3 days after the event

Model Release
If you intend to display photos of your club members on your club website, each member shown in the photos must complete this form before posting.

Petition/Recognition For a Student Club/Organization 
This form must be filled out if your club is to be officially recognized each year. Ten prospective students must sign this form in order for a club to be organized. These students must be currently enrolled students. Deadline – September 29.

Professional Leave and Travel Request
Advisors must fill out this form when they accompany clubs on field trips that are out of area. This form must be turned in with Field Trip Roster and Student Travel Advance Request Forms. (See Travel Section for details.) Deadline – 3 weeks in advance

Reimbursement/Club Funds Request –(For Reimbursement or Withdrawal of Club Funds)
This form is used when you purchase items for your club using your own money and want to be reimbursed (see Purchasing and Reimbursement Section). Original receipts are required for reimbursement with signatures of advisor, officer and person being reimbursed. Also use this form to withdraw money from the club account as an advance for an event or function. This must include the signatures of the two club officers and the advisor. Clubs are responsible for providing receipts within 5 days. Allow 2 weeks for processing.

Room and Arrangements Request
Fill out this form when you need to reserve a room for a club event or weekly meeting. Deadline – 4 weeks before the event or the event will be cancelled.

Special Events/Travel Fund Request
Fill out this form if requesting money from the Student Government Association. Be specific in your request including purpose for your request. For example, you can use the money to sponsor a special event, field trip or conference. Requests will be submitted at the next available Student Government Association funding meeting.

Thank You for Donation Letter
This is a generic form letter to be used to thank vendors for making donations to your club. Donations made to clubs are not tax exempt.

Vendor Check Request
Fill out this form when you have an invoice from a vendor and need to pay them. You must submit the vendor invoice with the signatures of a club officer and the advisor on the invoice with this form (see Purchasing and Reimbursements Section). Deadline – 3 weeks in advance or when invoice is received

Travel Forms

Field Trip Participation Consent
Each club member who is participating in a field trip must fill out this form. This form must be turned in along with the Student Travel Advance and Approval Request. Deadline – 1 week before trip

Field Trip Roster
Fill out this form listing all students and student identification number of those going on the trip. If requesting advance travel funds, this form must be turned in along with the Student Travel Advance Form. Deadline – This is required 3-4 weeks in advance if receiving funds. 2 weeks in advance if no funds are needed

Student Travel Advance and Approval Request
Fill out this form when your club plans to go on a trip and/or needs money in advance in order to pay for registration, lodging, meals, gas, etc. This form must be turned in with the Field Trip Roster and the Professional Leave Form. Fill out 3-4 weeks in advance of deadline Finalization of the paperwork must be completed 10 working days after the trip. All additional money and receipts must be turned in to your Student Life liaison. The Business Office must have these items in order to give refunds and reconcile paperwork.

Travel Approval Form
This form must be completed before any travel arrangements have been made. Once approved, you will be given instructions as to how to proceed.