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Joselyn Briseno


Joselyn BrisenoHey guys, my name is Joselyn Briseno and I am running for the position of Senator.  As a proud harvester I am active within our school and am the current Secretary and Community Service Chair for Rotaract Club, Treasurer for Salsa Club, am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Lulac, and Sigma Kappa Delta, in addition to having been a Harvestar in summer orientations as well as having served in Student Government as a former Representative.  What I hope to accomplish with this position is to not only get more students involved within our campus, but to also make every students voice be heard so that we as a student body can all succeed in taking advantage of all of the great opportunities that our school has to offer.  The opportunities that Eastfield has given me are unimaginable and what better way to give back than to assist the student body in the same way? Aside from opportunities, I have gained valuable knowledge, insight, and experience that are valuable towards a successful year.  By voting for me as your senator, I promise to not only work hard for our present, but for our future as well. 


William Gleichman

Public Relations Officer

William Gleichman

According to Edward Bernays, an innovator in propaganda theory, public relations is "practically as old as society.” Though the idea of community relations may be old, technologies and social media changes serve to expand how advertising and rhetoric portray information to an intended audience. Long ago, the message of an ancient Babylonian tablet from 1800 BC, arguably proto-public relations, could only travel as far as one could carry it. Today, however, global transmission of such messages criss-cross the borders at the speed of light; the information age is now.
In a world possessing such a vast communicative network, it is necessary for any Public Relations Officer to not only be aware of its capabilities, but how to best utilize them. Since the birth of Generation Y, those born between the 80s and early 2000s, we have seen the birth and evolution of personal computers, the internet, and mobile technology. We have been raised with these digital devices, growing up alongside them. College students today have not only witnessed but contributed to the creation and growth of great social media networks like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and more recently image-based network communities like Instagram and Pinterest. PR officers should be able to realize how to utilize these kinds of new media.  Doing so could make the difference between a short lived, self-contained student government and a long-lived student government whose progress is not only communicated to anyone willing to listen, but whose legacy will live on in the minds of successive classes.
Without communication, organizations do not really accomplish anything. Plans or theories of management do not much matter, in the sense that there can be no course of action, no organization, no plan without two things first: community and communication. Endeavors succeed or fail based on the people involved. Only by attracting the best individuals will Eastfield’s Student Government accomplish great deeds. What I can bring to the table is networking skills, personality, passion, and tech-savviness.  By becoming your Public Relations officer, I will enable a more vocal and connected student body whose communication doesn’t stop at its Executives, Senators or House of Representatives, but instead speaks to and for Eastfield’s student body as a whole.
About Me:
            I am a U.S. military veteran and an idealistic and yet well-grounded student. I possess a boundless ambition to become what I would consider both “successful” and “free-thinking.” While in the military, I acquired a set of leadership skills that are applicable to all walks of life—honor, respect, devotion to duty, and leading by example.  My greatest accomplishment thus far has been demonstrating superior abilities in seamanship and leadership to qualify as a Coxswain in the U.S. Coast Guard, where I oversaw drug interdiction and recreational boating safety. Currently, I am majoring in business administration with a concentration in organizational management.  Upon completion of my ABS, I intend to transfer to UT Dallas to complete a BS in the same and then continue on to an MBA.

Selena Ollervides


Selena Ollervides

Hello, my name is Selena Ollervides and I am running for Senator.  I am Vice President of GSA and also fundraising chair of the Communications club. Honest, commitment, and communication skills are what I can offer for this position, which would be beneficial for SGA. I am running for this position to help the student body voice their opinions. By voting for me as your Senator, I promise to work hard for the students at Eastfield.

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