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Upward Bound

Upward Bound Student Commentaries


“Upward Bound is a program that I have the honor of being part of and is like an extended family. It is a program that not only prepares you for academic success but it also prepares you for college.”

Emmanuel Emmanuel
“Upward Bound is a program you have to be a part of. The love given by everyone is unmatched. The help and support you receive makes you feel like family. Upward Bound has helped me tremendously and I wouldn’t have it any other way.“

Jalen Jalen
"I love Upward Bound; it helps students prepare and get accepted into college. Upward Bound is a village that helps kids achieves their goals."

Katerine Katerine
"I love Upward Bound. It is a program that really helps you through high school and prepares you for the college life. Upward Bound is like a family to me. Everyone will support you in anything you wish to accomplish. The best part is the summer, it is really fun. "

Kendra Kendra
"Upward Bound is a fun loving program. We are truly one big family who is striving to better ourselves. Everyone is there to help us succeed and bring out the best in us. Without them, I would not have been as productive as a student. It is a great program with great people who all love one another."

"Upward Bound is an extraordinary program that has so much more to offer than just academics. Being part of Upward Bound is a life changing experience and you are part of a loving family. Seriously, you really do gain life long friends."

"I love Upward Bound because it is a family away from home. Everyone in this program is there to support and give you that extra push when needed. You are surrounded by students you can relate to whom you communicate and build genuine friendships with. This program helps students with school and personal growth."

"Upward Bound is a really great program that helps you throughout high school. Everyone is really nice and the treat and support you like family. Upward Bound is a program that prepares you for college but is also fun."

Phillip Phillip
"Upward Bound is hands down the best thing that has happened to me since entering high school. It doesn't just help build relationships with my teachers and classmates but it feels like a close knit family as well. I love Upward Bound."

Quaylin Quaylin
"Upward Bound has been an amazing journey of education and fun. UB has helped me become more involved in high school and has gotten me more acclimated with college. This program prepares students for college through counseling and exposure to a variety of colleges and universities. Upward Bound is a great program and has led me to current and future success."

Tequila Tequila
"Upward Bound is the most amazing program that is offered at Skyline High School and Eastfield College. I love Upward Bound and would recommend it to any student that is interested in attending college. This program has helped me become more dedicated to my school and my academics and continues to be a great experience for me."

Yoshundra Yoshundra
"Upward Bound is a program that prepares you for college and life after graduation. It is a program that pushes you and reminds you of the opportunities offered to you through completing your education. Not only is this program helping me succeed it is also an extended family."