Eastfield College Logo
The mission of Eastfield College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning.


Chief Executive Officer

President             Dr. Jean Conway972-860-7001

Executive Administrators

Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs
and Student Success 
Michael Gutierrez972-860-7196
Vice President for Organizational Development (Interim) Larry Wilson972-860-7218
Vice President of Business ServicesDr. Adrian Douglas972-860-7603
Assistant to the PresidentSharon Cook972-860-7629
Executive Director of the Pleasant Grove CampusJavier Olguin972-391-5306

Instructional Division Administrators

Executive Dean of Arts, Language, and LiteratureRachel Wolf972-860-7124
Associate Dean of Workforce DevelopmentJohnnie Bellamy972-860-7619
Executive Dean of College Readiness and MathematicsRicardo Rodriguez972-860-7108
Executive Dean of Science and Physical EducationDr. Gretchen Riehl972-860-7140
Executive Dean of Social Science, Human Services, and Business
Dr. Mike Walker972-860-7156
Executive Dean of Workforce and Economic DevelopmentDr. Lindle Grigsby972-860-7199
Dean of Continuing EducationRoy Bond972-391-1087

Educational Support Services Administrators

Executive Dean, Student Engagement and RetentionCourtney Carter-Harbour972-860-7335
Executive Dean, Student and Enrollment ServicesKimberly Lowry972-860-7028
Dean, Educational ResourcesKarla Greer972-860-7173
Dean of Student Success, Outreach, and Student DevelopmentPaul Goertemiller (Interim)972-860-7125
Director of Dual CreditLaquesha Foster972-860-7183
Director of Financial AidSusan Grove972-860-7332
Director of Student LifeJudy Schwartz972-860-7184
Director of TestingPaul Goertemiller972-860-7125
Director of the Health CenterCynthia Taylor972-860-7191
Director of Transition CenterShaunyale Canada972-860-7372
Director of TRIO/SSS and Disability ServicesBobbi White972-860-8348
Coordinator, Quality Enhancement PlanKyle Barron972-860-7634

Administrative Support Services Administrators

Associate Vice PresidentDon Baynham972-860-7119
Executive Director of Human ResourcesLarry Wilson972-860-7218
Dean of Resource DevelopmentDr. Latricia Thomas-Anderson972-860-7396
Director of Decision SupportDr. Richard Plott972-860-8325
Director of Facilities ServicesMichael Brantley972-860-7688

Compliance Officers

AccreditationDon Baynham972-860-7119
Affirmative ActionLarry Wilson972-860-7218
Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended (Students)Dr. Adrian Douglas972-860-7603
Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended (Employees)Larry Wilson972-860-7218
Title IX of the Education AmendmentsLarry Wilson972-860-7218


Baynham, Don
Associate Vice President
Eastfield College, A.A.S.; Abilene Christian University, B.B.A., M.S.; Further study: Amber University, University of Texas at Dallas; University of North Texas

Beaver, Nancy
Program Administrator, Child Development
University of Texas at Austin, B.S.; University of North Texas, M.Ed.

Bellamy, Johnnie
Associate Dean, Career Technologies
University of North Texas, B.B.A., M.Ed.

Bond, Roy
Dean, Continuing Education
University of Texas at Dallas, B.A.; Our Lady of the Lake University, M.A.

Burris, Danny
Program Director, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Eastfield College, A.A.S.; LeTourneau University, B.S.

Bush, George
Associate Dean, Social Science, Human Services, and Business
Bishop College, B.A.; Ball State University, M.A.

Caratini-Prado, Maria
Director, Community Programs
Ponitifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, B.A., M.Ed.

Conway, Jean
University of North Texas, B.A., M.A.; Texas A&M University – Commerce, Ed.D.

Cook, Sharon
Assistant to the President
Baylor University, B.A.

Danforth, David
Program Director, Digital Imaging
Eastern New Mexico University, B.S.; Texas A&M University – Commerce, M.S.

Douglas, Adrian
Vice President of Business Services
Southern University, B.S.; LeTourneau Univeristy, M.B.A; Colorado State University, Ph.D.

Dumont, Judith
Associate Dean, College Readiness
University of Texas at Dallas, B.A.; University of North Texas, M.Ed.

Emery, John
Associate Dean, Science and Physical Education
University of the State of New York, B.A.; Webster University, M.B.A.

Fletcher, Anthony
Athletic Director, Basketball Coach
Angelo State University, B.S., M.S.

Goertemiller, Paul
Director of Testing
B.A., M.Ed., University of North Texas; further study: Texas A&M-Commerce.

Gonzales, Lucinda
Associate Dean, Educational Resources
University of Texas, B.S.; Southern Methodist University, M.L.A.

Greer, Karla
Dean, Educational Resources
Texas Woman's University, B.S., M.L.S.

Gutierrez, Michael 
Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs and Student Success
Princeton University, A.B.; University of Texas, M.P.A.; further study: University of North Texas

Harbour, Courtney Carter
Executive Dean, Student Engagement and Retention
University of North Texas, B.A., M.A.; further study: University of Texas at Arlington

Lowry, Kimberly
Executive Dean, Student and Enrollment Services
Antelope Valley Community College, A.A.; California State University, Long Beach, B.A., M.S.; futher study: University of North Texas

Martin, Michael
Baseball Coach
Louisiana Tech University, B.S., M.A.

Olguin, Javier
Executive Director, Pleasant Grove Campus
Colorado College, B.A.; Texas State University, M.S.I.S.

Plott, Richard
Director of Decision Support
University of Texas at Dallas, B.A., M.A.T.; Curtin University, Ph.D

Riehl, Gretchen
Executive Dean, Science and Physical Education
University of Missouri, B.H.S.; Texas Woman's University, M.S., Ph.D.

Rodriguez, Ricardo 
Executive Dean, College Readiness and Mathematics
Universidad de Juarez, B.A.; University of Houston, M.S.

Schwartz, Judy
Director, Student Life
Eastfield College, A.A.; Amberton University, B.A.; Texas A&M University – Commerce, M.A.

Taylor, Cynthia
Director, Health Center
Texas Women's University, B.S.N.; Prairie View A&M University, M.E.

Thomas-Anderson, Latricia
Dean of Resource Development
Texas Woman’s University, B.A., Ph.D.; Grambling State University, M.A.

Walker, Mike
University of Texas, B.J.; Texas A&M University, M.A.; Texas A&M University – Commerce, Ed.D.

White, Bobbi
Director, Trio/SSS and Disability Services
East Texas State University, B.S.

Wilson, Larry
Executive Director, Human Resources
Harding University, B.A.; Texas A&M University, M.A.

Wolf, Rachel
Executive Dean, Arts, Language, and Literature
University of Massachusetts Amherst, B.A.; Texas Woman’s University, M.A.