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Professor Courtney Brazile

Speech Communication
Telephone: 972-860-7164
Email: courtneybrazile@dcccd.edu

I’m a proud native of Dallas and I believe in setting big goals and aspirations—as they say, “We do things bigger and better in Texas!”  I’m a graduate of Dallas Skyline High School and was voted, Most Likely to Succeed of my senior class.  Through experience I’ve learned that we should not merely focus on materialistic success but on the many opportunities that we have to mentor others and pour into their lives in an inspirational way.

My educational background bleeds “Green” as a graduate of the University of North Texas, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in communication studies.   Communication is an essential part of each and every human (it’s how we create and share meaning) and it’s important that we utilize this tool in an effort to become agents of change in the community.  As a professor, I strive to challenge my students to use the concepts presented in my class in both their personal and professional lives.

Prior to accepting a full-time Visiting Scholar position with Eastfield College, I’ve had some other interesting jobs and internships such as a Front Desk Agent with Fairmont Hotels, I participated in a news internship with the CW 33 Dallas affiliate—where I hosted and produced my first television interview, and I was employed as a public relations intern for Reach Media, the parent of company of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show.

My personal mission is to serve as a role model for the community.  My prayer is that I remain humble while fulfilling my divine purpose here on earth.  Wisdom has taught me that humility along with integrity will open doors beyond one’s imagination.  I’m proud to be at Eastfield and when I’m not teaching I enjoy traveling and spending quality time with family and friends.