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Professor Laura Carr

Speech Communication
Office: G112
Telephone: 972-860-7161
Email: lauracarr@dcccd.edu


SPCH 1311, SPCH 1315

Respect is an earned quality of which I hold my father in high esteem. He has been and is a great teacher. He was born in 1917 on a farm in Iowa and the youngest of four children. His father had to work the farm and didn't finish grade school. (Grandpa was humiliated that he was passed up in school by his younger brother.) Dad's mother went though the 8th grade. Dad graduated high school, got a job and went part-time to Junior College. He graduated and went on to Iowa State University, worked as he went to school. Dad graduated with a degree in chemistry and was the first person in his family to not only go to college but to get a degree. Many years later, Dad's oldest sister received her college degree.

Many of you are first generation college and are like my father. Once you graduate, your children will look up to you as I look up to my father. My path was there for me and my sister no questions asked. We were second generation college. The two of us and our other 8 cousins have the following degrees: two have high school diplomas, three B.A.s, three M.A.s, one an M.D., and one has a Ph.D. Just see what you can do for your family!

I went to Illinois State University and received my B.S. in Ed. and my M.A. from New York University. I have also attended the University of Massachusetts, Gallaudet University, Texas A&M University Commerce, the University of North Texas, the University of LaVerne, and Amberton University.

I have had an infatuation with language and communication for as long as I can remember. I met Christine, long ago in Illinois, who introduced me to American Sign Language. I became fluent in the language and ultimately was taught to interpret between ASL and English. In 1976, I joined the faculty at Eastfield College and trained interpreters. Learning to be an interpreter and catch all the nuances between the languages is a daunting task. Recently, I've been applying my skill teaching students to hone their communication skills in English. Learning how to better express yourself makes you more marketable in the workplace and can make your home life much more pleasant.

I love teaching and I love learning. In the classroom, I learn informally from you, my students, for you possess a wealth of knowledge. It's important to me that I do my best and I expect that my students will do their best. Seeing you learn and succeed makes my work worthwhile.

Away from school, I garden, read mysteries, enjoy classical music, do genealogy, travel, have fun with my daughter and play with our poodle.