Tips and Training

We encourage faculty and presenters to schedule an orientation on use of classroom technology during reporting weeks and prior to event presentations. Visiting the learning studios in advance to become familiar with the display devices is highly suggested. We encourage students to use the classroom technology for course presentations as well. Please contact us to request a training session.

General Tips on Rooms with Crestron Touch Panel Controls

Combining Workforce W103 and W104 with Touch Panel Controls

General Tips on Rooms with Crestron Push Button Room Controls

Projector Remote Control

Document Camera (Visual Presenter)

Interactive Pen Display

Pleasant Grove Campus Classroom Technology Handbook

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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SmartBoard Technology

SmartBoard Tool Center

A318 LTX Board

A318 LTX Control Panel

A318 Calibrating The LTX Board

A318 How to choose a Projection Mode

A318 Capturing LTX Board Content to the Website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are expendable items such as markers, wireless mice / PowerPoint clickers, jump drive, portable audio device or cell phone connection cables, batteries provided by the campus?

No. Faculty must work through their instructional division office for supplies.

My portable jump drive doesn’t load / is slow to load / has locked up the computer. What should I do?

When loading a portable drive, always:

  • Press and hold the shift key on the computer keyboard.
  • Load the portable drive
  • Allow 15-20 seconds for jump drive to load before releasing the shift key (mouse should show the hourglass wait symbol as jump drive is loading)
  • Go to My Computer, select appropriate removable drive and access your file/presentation
  • We suggest you drag presentation to desktop (and remove from desktop after use to prevent unauthorized use of your work).
  • Be sure to click “safe to remove “ icon lower right corner of computer screen before removing your external devices.

How do I connect my external devices such as iPods or MP3 player to the projector?

  • Turn projector on.
  • Connect your laptop to guest laptop connection.
  • Plug in laptop (always use a power cable in order to achieve full image).
  • Turn laptop power on.
  • Press and hold fn key (function key), located lower left corner of keyboard. While holding fn key down, press appropriate function key at top of keyboard (icon may show display monitor or have the letters LCD on key).
  • Hold both keys down.
  • Raise fingers off of keys and wait for image to appear on screen
  • Repeat above steps until image appears. This is a toggle between 3 displays: to your laptop only, to the projector only, and finally, to both laptop and projector.
  • User must provide appropriate connection cable.
  • Connect cable end to the auxiliary input located on the faculty workstation connection plate:

Inputs we typically provide in classrooms are: VGA 15 pin, Audio stereo mini, and S Video

For partial or garbled images on the projector connected to your laptop:

  • Go to laptop control panel
  • Select display settings
  • Set laptop to 1024 by 764 or lower resolution setting
  • If image is still garbled there may be a graphics card issue. Check your laptop user manual.

The computer / projector shut down in the middle of my class. What should I do?

For computer shutdown, try moving the mouse more frequently during class. The computer goes into standby mode if no activity occurs within a few minutes. Contact technical support if the problem persists.

For projector shutdown,:
• Be sure that the projector has an active input selected (that the DVD player is on to play films or that the PC is not in standby).
• Check to see if the green power LED light is on (locate next to lens). If not, contact technical support.
• Check to see if the red temperature or lamp LED indicator hasn’t lit up on the projector (LED is next to lens). If so, contact technical support.

How do I play CD in my room?

CDs may be played through either the computer or the DVD player.

The volume is too low on my computer / DVD / CD. What should I do?

  • For Computer: Check to be sure the volume is turned up on the program you are using such as Windows or Real Media Player. Also, check the computer speaker icon lower right corner of screen
  • Check the control panel for rooms with touch pad or buttons for volume.

How do I use the Smart Sympodium or Hitachi Starboard annotation device located in some of the learning studios?

Please contact staff for training.