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Eastfield Improvement Projects

construction zone

parking signStarting June 2nd Eastfield will begin replacing our parking lots. We are upgrading our asphault lots to concrete and creating a few extra parking spaces. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Phase I: June 2 - August 15, effecting lots E-2B, E-3, E-4, and E-5.
Phase II: August 15 - October 19 in lot W-1 and the small lot adjacent to the A building.
Phase III: October 19 - December 31 in lot W-5.

wifiWe all know faster is better when it comes to using the internet! Technicians are currently making their way throughout our campus installing new equipment in classrooms and other areas. A total of 83 access points will be installed or moved. So bring your wireless device and start completing your assignments even faster than before.