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Renewal 2013

RenewalRenewal Week 2013
Gunnison, Colorado

July 21-27 2013

Guidelines and Application Information

Complete Guidelines (pdf)

The Renewal Week Application is available in pdf or MS Word format.

Renewal Week is a unique summer Conference especially designed for and administered by full-time and limited full-time DCCCD faculty, staff, and administrators. This year, it will be held on the campus of Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado. The multiple purposes the conference seeks to achieve are:

  • To heighten personal awareness and obtain a better understanding of other cultures, both primitive and modern.
  • To give participants a sense of “ownership” of the event, as well as allowing them the chance to experience the talent of community among DCCCD employees through personal, physical and mental challenges that include 8 hours of professional development which all participants are required to attend.
  • To continue to enrich and renew the lives of a cross-section of DCCCD personnel through the encouragement of responsible risk taking, self expression through art and literature, creative thinking, and self discovery.
  • To foster the quality of work life in the District through the development of linkages and relationships with other DCCCD staff, through Renewal group activity participation.

For the first time in over 25 years, Renewal Week is changing in some of its focus.  It is still a week for DCCCD employees to refresh, relax, and renew and a great networking opportunity.
This year, under the direction of Vice Chancellors Ed Des Plas and Justin Lonen, the RW steering committee was charged with developing our Week at a Glance (WAG) to include a minimum of 8 hours of professional development which all participants must participate in.  When we began brainstorming about what we might do, we actually came up with more than the 8 required to include a "Day in the Lab" with sessions on Portal, online Services, Outlook,  and Employee Rights and Responsibilities and plan on more.

With the change in required professional development came the change that each employee must use 4 days vacation and get one day paid professional leave.  The experience is still a great value - a relatively inexpensive vacation in cool Colorado - as well as working and playing with your peers from around the district.  Our professional development focus this year is Strengths Quest which will be spread out during the week to total 8 hours.  If you have already done Strengths Quest, you may do it again, and you may see different top strengths.   We will incorporate the strengths we have in some of our planned activities and have fun with it while learning how we can use the results in our jobs as well.

The steering committee has put a lot of thought and work into this new challenge so that the week will continue to be one that draws employees and one that the district will continue to support.  We hope you will join us in Gunnison, Colorado.


Renewal Week (a.k.a. Project Renewal) came into existence through a chance meeting, careful planning, and divine intervention! Paul Benson, professor of English and religion at Mountain View College, related the incident that led to the birth of the program.

In the fall of 1983, Guy Gooding, SPAR director at Mountain View, heard about a visit several faculty members had recently made to United World College, in New Mexico. After their glowing report, Guy asked if any member of the committee wanted to draw up a proposal for District faculty and staff to use the United World College campus in some way. Professor Paul Benson agreed to submit what was eventually approved and implemented as Project Renewal in the summer of 1985. (The original name was suggested by Gladys Leff, a Richland history professor and member of the World Core Curriculum Committee who mentioned that a housing project in Israel was called “Project Renewal.” The name was changed the second year to Renewal Week to give the program a more permanent sounding name.)

The Renewal Week began as a grassroots, all-volunteer project in which the programs are entirely generated by those present. No “outside” experts, no high-priced facilitators- just faculty and staff members sharing with each other. While the programs have changed over the years, the values of Renewal Week are in the free giving of District “family” members to their District brothers and sisters. Originally, the program was intended to help burned-out faculty and staff members recharge their batteries. From the first year onwards, however, it was obvious that Renewal Week was going to be much more than that. It has especially helped in allowing employees the opportunity of meeting and bonding with their compatriots from across the District.


All DCCCD faculty, administrators, and professional support staff who have completed 9 months of continuous employment prior to July 21, 2013 are eligible to apply as a participant. Additionally, employees are eligible for professional leave for one day of the conference and must request four days of vacation to participate.

butterfly2013 Application

Effective 2013, RW participants will be required to use 4 days (32 hours) of vacation and will be allowed (with supervisor approval) 1 day (8 hours) of compulsory professional leave.

The Renewal Week Application is available in pdf or MS Word format.

Application Process

Renewal Week 2013 Applications must be submitted along with the following to your Location Representative:

  1. Professional Leave & Travel Form (Your Campus HR Office can provide you with one)
  2. Room Mate/Neighbor & T-Shirt form
  3. Emergency Contact Information form
  4. Photo Release form
  5. “Getting to Know You” form
  6. Application for Leave requesting 4 days of vacation
  7. Presenter Application form (if you plan to present)
  8. A $125 deposit

Note: The altitude is approximately 7,400 feet.  If you have a health condition affected by high altitude, such as high blood pressure, the committee recommends that you consult with your physician before you make application.

What to pack


The cost for room/board, t-shirt and use of conference facilities is $425.  A $125 deposit is required with the application. The remaining balance may be paid in multiple installments.  Scheduled payment dates are April 10, 2013 and May 20, 2013. No refunds, no exceptions. Although, professional leave is given, all costs must be covered by the participant. Participants, whose programs are approved by the Steering Committee, will be eligible to receive a refund/credit of $25.

Other costs to be considered by applicants include:  participant’s expense of transportation to and from the conference, cash to cover some professional development sessions during the conference (i.e., transportation, entrance fees), supply fees for certain presentations, and money to cover incidental personal expenses. 

Program Presenter

Renewal Week runs from 3:30 p.m., Sunday, through 9:00 a.m. the following Saturday morning.  Participants are to arrange their transportation around this schedule.  Any emergency requiring a participant to arrive late or depart early from the conference must be reported to the Location Representative as soon as possible.

TeamworkThe Renewal Week program has a rich heritage that began in 1984.  Part of that heritage relates to the emphasis the program has on the history of the area, risk taking and professional development or renewal, international education, and our roles as world and DCCCD citizens.  The program objectives are accomplished through presenters designing educational activities such as short courses, field trips, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, nature studies, enriching book reviews, arts and crafts, and recreational activities.  Programs provided during the week will range from indoor to outdoor, passive to active, large group to small group to individual, educational to recreational, and cultural to social.

Presenters may utilize traditional or innovative instructional approaches as long as the content is educational or professionally “renewing” to the participants.  Presenters are encouraged to share their special talents or interests with other participants – this makes Renewal memories that are cherished for years to come.  Presentations should be of approximately one to two hours and may be team taught, or designed by presenters to build upon the sessions conducted by others, i.e., a hike coupled with rock collecting and photography.  Consideration should be given to the fact that the altitude is 7,400 feet.  Based on the nature of the topic, participants may also be requested to supply their own materials or pay a nominal fee to cover the cost of session supplies. As a reminder: Presenters are responsible for program materials and special equipment needs.  

Questions or requests for additional information should be directed to location representatives or to the program coordinator.  Those interested in submitting a program proposal are asked to also complete the presenter section of the application for the consideration of the Renewal Committee due BEFORE April 15, 2013 to their location Rep.  The Renewal Committee will review all program proposals at the May meeting.  Participants whose program proposals are accepted for inclusion in the program may be asked to submit additional information as needed to assist the program coordinator in planning.  All individuals whose program proposals are accepted can expect to be contacted in May, 2013.