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Night Program Information

Step 1. Application Process

Note: The application process can take up to a week.

Note: If you are paid in cash you will need a letter on company letterhead (with contact information) from your employer that states the hours that you work, the rate of pay and that you are paid in cash. If you have more than one job we will need a letter from both jobs.

Any information you forget to supply will delay the application process! It is in your best interest to look over the application carefully and make sure you filled it out completely.

If you have any questions while filling out the application please call Tammy Sherman 972-860-7347 or Email: tammysherman@dcccd.edu

Step 2. Enrollment Process

If it is determined that there is room for your child in the night program there will be an enrollment packet that will need to be filled out after this process. After your enrollment forms are returned and checked, you will need to meet with Tammy Sherman for intake assessment and tuition information. Instructions to set this up are in the enrollment packet.

Note: The enrollment process may also take up to a week. This is separate from the application process.