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Job Location and Development Program
Eastfield College Career and Employment Services

Job Location and Development (JLD) is a program of the U.S. Department of Education administered at Eastfield College by Career and Employment Services.  The purpose of the program is to locate and develop off-campus job opportunities for currently enrolled students and to encourage students to participate in community service activities..

JLD is a valuable service open to any currently enrolled Eastfield College student who wants off-campus employment.  Jobs are posted in the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Job Listing Service, an Internet-based system available 24/7.  Students are responsible for contacting companies regarding jobs for which they are eligible and arranging for interviews.  All decisions on hiring are made by the employer.  Pay rates vary depending upon the job requirements and the employer.

Benefits to Students:

Benefits to Employers:

  • Post job opening for free with the DCCCD Job Listing Service
  • Access qualified applicants available for a wide variety of positions
  • Connect with future graduates
  • An opportunity for business and education to work together to strengthen the community

To Participate:

Contact Career Services in the Completion Center, room C237B, or call 972-860-8310.