Eastfield Police

Report Suspicious or Criminal Activity

Individuals who wish to report criminal activity or emergencies that occur on the Eastfield College campus may do so by:

  • Calling police dispatch at 972-860-4290 from any phone or 4290/911 from a campus phone.
  • visiting the EFCPD located in Building N, Rm. 112, 3737 Motley Dr. Mesquite  TX, 7150.
  • requesting assistance from a uniformed police officer.
  • reporting criminal activity anonymously using the form below.
  • contacting the EFCPD by using the exterior/interior, police emergency call boxes located throughout the campus.
  • contacting others of authority for Campus Security, such as the Vice President of Business Services, the Athletic Director, the Director of  Student  Life ( formerly Student Programs and Resources), a licensed college counselor,* or any other college official with significant responsibility for student activities.

If you have witnessed a crime on the Eastfield campus, you can report it anonymously below.