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Eastfield College Police Officers

Eastfield Police

Police Administration

Director and Chief of College Police Michael Horak MHorak@dcccd.edu

Captain (Asst. Director) College Police Timothy Ellington  TEllington@dcccd.edu

Lt. (Day Commander) Vacant

Lt. (Evening/Weekend Commander) Vacant

Admin Asst. Johnetta Boldon johnettaboldon@dcccd.edu 


Sgt. Brandon Boney BBoney@dcccd.edu
Sgt. Kevin Levingston KLevingston@dcccd.edu


Cpl. David Belcher DavidBelcher@dcccd.edu
Cpl. Christopher Stratton ChrisStratton@dcccd.edu
Cpl. Nona Titus NonaTitus@dcccd.edu


Ofc. Thelma Perkins ThelmaPerkins@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Cheryl Bass cherylbass@dcccd.edu
Ofc. John Lozano JohnLozano@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Anthony Jones AnthonyJones@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Phillip Wilburn PhillipWilburn@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Miqueas Figueroa MiqueasFiqueroa@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Rodrigo Garcia RodrigoGarcia@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Vincent Griffin VTGriffin@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Josue Capetillo JosueCapetillo@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Moises Avelino MoisesAvelino@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Evan Clark epc4870@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Elias Reymundo Ereymundo@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Dana Shehee DanaShehee@dcccd.edu
Ofc. Alonzo Powell Alonzo.powell@dcccd.edu